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Forever Parents News Page
We hope to have items of news to include on our page. Please e-mail us to include your news at

Our next chance to meet  "Forever Parents " is on hold for now. We have held several meetings recently and nobody attended them. Around Christmas time we organize our Christmas service and we hope to always get a good number attend our service. For any information please contact us by e-mail.

May we wish all bereaved parents through out the world peace in their lives. With the help of our loved children  we can  learn to " see the colours again and hear the birds sings ", we can look forward again but  never forget the love we shared. We  learn our lives do not end, but  continue and in doing so keep the memories alive as we continue our own journey through life. Our precious children shall always occupy that special place close to your heart and are around us in a different way more than ever Take care.

Christmas Candle Light Service for all bereaved parents and Friends

Date  December 14th , 8 p.m  2001 we shall hold a Candle Light Service in Clonard Day Chapel at 8p.m. All parents, relatives and friends are welcome to attend. Because Christmas is a special time for children we would like to hold a special service to honour and remember our children. We hope to include a children's choir, tributes in the form of music, poetry , or words written in honour of children who have passed on. We do not know what the response is going to be as it's our first service but if you wish to participate in the actual service please e mail us and let us know what you have in mind. If you wish your children's name to placed on our Christmas Tree in the church please let us know and we shall arrange to have cards printed .Their shall be no fixed charge for any of the above.

We know Christmas is a difficult time for all of us who have lost children but its also a time to share Christmas with them by a fitting tribute in the form of a memorable occasion. There is no obligation to take part but please attend we would love to see the church packed in their honour. Thanking you " Forever Parents"

About Our Candle light Service December 2000 This was our announcement to advertise our Candle light Service, and now a week later I wish to tell you about it. The Service was a big success and it gave us great joy to see the chapel full. Jean , Sarah and Nicola from our group read their beautiful tributes to their children and Stephen our son sang a song he wrote especially for Gary. Fr. Chris officiated at the service which was  beautiful and simple. It  included hanging the names of our children who have passed away on the Christmas Tree and later lighting our Candles. This  for me was  a symbol of hope for all of us who have lost our child. To reach out for some help to know that life can continue under such difficult circumstances. I may not have those qualifications which allow me  to convey such a message in a professional manner but I can speak from experience. When Gary died I needed to know life could  continue and after a long period of time learning to live that life I believe to live that life to  the full  is the greatest tribute we can give our children who have gone before us.

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