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Where are the meetings held?, Until further notice our meetings are cancelled due to the number of times Christine and myself were the only two who attended. We feel for most the death of a child is traumatic and a difficult issue to deal with  publicly and to openly share that grief. We are always willing to talk or e mail if contacted.

What takes place ?Each Wednesday that we meet we try to have the most informal meeting you can imagine. We may have a little bit of business to take care of but the important part of the meeting is the talk or chat we have.

Must I Speak or talk ?You can come in sit down and listen. That's an important part to helping others without even knowing you are doing anything or you can talk about your child who has passed away, your life, how you cope, the support you receive , express any anger towards anything or anyone, just about anything you wish to chat about. In fact our group has no rules yet.

We provide the tea and the biscuits.

Then comes the cup of T and the biscuits, at this time we usually find people gather in small groups the real name is networking but we call it chatting and it takes up the chat where we left off. It has allowed us to meet some great people and has enriched our lives.

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