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Why join the group" Forever Parents " ?. We have the greatest respect for the fine work the professionals do and without them a lot of peoples lives could never get any semblance of normality again. No self help group could take the place of these organizations or professionals and the tragedies in peoples lives they must deal with. The death of a child is so overwhelming we easily can see how it could lead us to ending our own lives. Our group does not challenge the professionals but does provide an alternative to some parents.

For bereaved parents the group provides a listening ear, a place to share your pain and hurt. A group of ordinary people who understand the pain of loosing a child and also the anger at those who cannot not help us with this loss. While there are professional bodies out there to help us " come to terms with our loss" we felt we could not relate to those who have not " worn our shoes ". We know people are different and each person grieves in their own way in their own time. Each of us who have suffered the loss of a child cannot tell another how he or she should cope. But we can listen to them , cry with them, and share the feelings which surround the death of a child. Its not hard to find a person to talk " it "over with , but it can be very hard to find a person who will listen and truly understand and never get tired of listening to " it ". How can a person really tell us how to be, or what our emotions should be after the death of our precious son. We were not about to become a case history or a statistic in a dusty file in some office, we wanted something more meaningful.